Saturday, 16 May 2009

Soda bread attempt

Today I tried Matthew Fort's "foolproof" soda bread recipe from last Saturday's Guardian magazine - recipe at Food for Fort. After tracking down some buttermilk in the new Waitrose, I only bought one pot, worried that I wouldn't get round to making the bread and would waste 2 pots if I bought the 2 the recipe actually required! So when I came to make it I had to halve the ingredients and guess the cooking time. Still the mixture looked too much for my small loaf tin so I used a bigger cake tin. Consequently it was a bit flat!
It actually tastes pretty good - nutty with a sort of chewy, crispy crust. But I think a smaller tin would have produced a slightly deeper result more worthy of the terms "bread" or "loaf".

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Asparagus season

My first blog posting! Another first for today .... first local asparagus of the season. Ate it steamed with lots of butter, salt and pepper. All you need!