Monday, 30 November 2009

Beetroot brownies and veggy Christmas casserole

I spent quite a bit of time cooking this weekend: used up my veggy box beetroots with chocolate and beetroot brownies a la Hugh F-W (see recipe in the Guardian here); and made my usual veggy option for Christmas dinner to freeze ready to take along on the day. I've been making the same recipe for a few years now: mushroom and chestnut bourguignon from Rachel Demuth's Green Seasons cookbook. I like this because it's rich and hearty and the chestnuts add a bit of Christmassy flavour. And you can make a big batch to test it out, then freeze a bit for Christmas day. As it has it's own gravy it means you can join in with all of the usual trimmings - roast parsnips, potatoes, sprouts - and it goes well with mash too! Much more satisfying than a nut roast! The recipe isn't available online but essentially you roast shallots, garlic and peppers, then put in casserole or pot with the mushrooms, cooked chestnuts, herbs, red wine, stock etc. and then just simmer away until done. Lovely!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Soup and celebrities!

Since my last post I've discovered a new soup success - leek and chickpea from Jamie Oliver's first book. And I spent a day at the Masterchef Live (aka Good Food Show) in London. Tasted lots of cheese, chilli sauces and wine; ate some signature dishes from the Boxwood cafe and Urban Caprice; picked up lots of free magazines and recipes to try; and watched a cook off hosted by Greg and John! A great day out. Now need to try some of the recipes from the programme and magazines.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Pepper soup and lemon posset

Success! Two new recipes today, and both worked! First up red pepper and sweetcorn soup. Had a surplus of veggie box peppers so tried out this soup. Lovely!

Also, I had been meaning to try for months a Hugh F-W recipe from the Guardian for lemon posset, mainly because he claimed it was so easy. It was remarkable simple - just cream, sugar and lemon juice, a bit of heating and whisking, then a few hours in the fridge. See the recipe on the Guardian website. It was a hit! Not sure if we'll get through the whole batch this week though! But they look pretty, so one to remember for a dinner party.